Train Electrics, LLC has acquired the relays and specialty electrical items of Scott's
Odds-n-Ends of Florida. We offer the relays, TVS, LEDs, and other electrical supplies along with the
Scott's specialty items, As we continue new developments,
Train Electrics, LLC will bring to the model train enthusiast's more of the electrical items necessary to complete your miniature empire.

Model railroaders would rather spend their hobby time building their layout and running the trains
instead of chasing down components needed to get their trains running. Having gone through the
plight of locating appropriate materials locally, we can understand how much time and energy can
be saved by using one source!

Visit our continues to get it where we would really like it to be, so visit it often! New products are being brought to the store site as they become available. Feel free to contact us with any question
you may have regarding our products!


TrainElectrics, LLC

Electrical supplies for the Railroad Hobbyist